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“I was struggling to get my album over the line. Altar Studios finally made that happen.”

– Nicky Holloway

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Production, Mixing & APPLE CERTIFIED Mastering

“If there is a Dance Music Production Bible, this would certainly be it.”

– Toolroom Records

Five Editions of The Dance Music Manual

Required reading at many universities

“We’ve received nothing but rave reviews; the presentation was oversubscribed and had to be held twice.”

– Audio Engineering Society

Keynote at NAMM

EDM Production Presentations for AES & NAMM

“An essential tool for anyone who owns a DAW and wants to make great music..”

– Bobby Owinski

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What Our Clients Say

I think I’ve just finished the most important dance album of the last twenty years. I’d only trust Rick with it, he’s not some wally straight out of a music degree course. There is a pedigree involved. Altar studios are the ying to my yang.

Nicky Holloway

FIrst Superstar DJ

These guys completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. In under 12 months l’ve had eight tunes signed and had tracks played out by the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Guy Mantzer. This stuff is the f*cking nuts.”

Richard Bailey

Producer & DJ

Whether you’re a musician, an engineer, or a producer at almost any skill level. Subtleties in music matter greatly, and knowing how to listen to them can make all the difference. These can teach you how.

Bobby Owinski

Engineer, Producer & Author

We Care Because You Do.

A.I. assisted production, self-mixing and self-mastering are for those who don’t value their work. We’re here to cater for those that do, those that take a pride in their music and don’t want their hard work smothered by aliasing, distorted by quantisation error, or muddled with a slew of improper practices.

With over 30 years experience, our studios are equipped with world-class engineers and hardware. Our production work has sold millions, earning platinums and we’re trusted to mix and/or master for artists such as Nicky Holloway, the Chainsmokers and David Guetta amongst many more signed to labels such as Polydor, Sony BMG, Toolroom, Black Hole, Anjuna and many more.

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Polishing Your Productions

If you’re stuck on a project or feel it needs that something extra, or a sprinkling of “fairy dust”, we can collaborate on your project with you. Whether it requires some essential sound design, an arrangement redesign, or the character of classic samplers, keyboards, modules or esoteric hardware we can help you achieve your vision. There is no requirement to credit our work with collaboration projects.

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Apple Certified Mastering

Any producer should be concerned with how their project is represented during playback. We’re an Apple Certified Mastering House so your music receives the Apple certification, meaning you receive more consumer hits and more chance of hitting the Apple Playlists.

You can trust your music in the hands of qualified professionals relying on industry recognised hardware such as the SPL Iron Mastering Compressor, SPL Mastering EQ, Massive Passive, API Compressors & EQ, SSL Compressors & EQ’s, Chandler Mastering Limiters & EQ’s and Manley Compressors.

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About the Owners

Altar Studios is owned and managed by award winning author, Apple certified mastering engineer and producer Rick Snoman, and mix and Apple certified mastering engineer Alex Bartles. They have mixed and mastered artists signed to many major labels and also talk worldwide about modern music production at universities, colleges, Audio Engineering Society events and NAMM. They are members of the AES education committee, board members of E.M.T.A.S, curated the A.E.S’ first ever Electronic Music event in 2021 and acted as chairs for the A.E.S over the past 3 years.