60/60 Sample Challenge.

For this challenge you need to download this sample pack.

You then have to create a 60 second piece of music using nothing more than the supplied samples. You can edit them in any way you see fit (sampling, warping, time-stretching, time compression, effects or processing) but you must only use the samples provided.

This is a big challenge so I am going to give you all 2 weeks. As always my decision is final. The Prize this week is a free Skype Track Analysis on one of your tracks. The winner can send us their track, 16 bar loop or whatever and chat with Rick for an hour via Skype about how it could be improved.

Upload your entries to your Youtube or Soundcloud and call it Altar Studios UK 60/60 Challenge.. Then email me a link so that I can have a listen to it. All entries must be in by the 17th April 2020. So make the most your lockdown.

60/60 Challenge‘.

Using the image as inspiration we want you to write a 60 second piece of music. It can be any genre, just be inspired.

Post it on your Youtube account and call it Altar Studios UK 60/60 Challenge. Then send the link for it to me by the 27th March 2020 and we will pick out a winner. al**@al**********.uk

The winner of this first challenge will be able to have a 60 min one on one session with Rick on Skype or join us at Altar studios for some self isolation. (You can chat about production or the loo roll shortage.)

Winner: Lesh 

Listen to his piece of genius here.