Altar Academy Music Production Course

Are you looking to build and develop your production skills, then this is the course for you.

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What Is It?

This course will empower you with the skills you need to build/develop your music production skills.

It will equip you with skills that integrate technical music production with your creative expression whilst enabling collaboration/networking, career development, and recording studio experience.

Under the guidance of an internationally successful music producer, you will have the unique opportunity to create a music legacy throughout the course. 

The Arts Council England and Altar Studios have funded a number of free places for this course. Please see the details below, as you might qualify for support. 


Course Information

When are the sessions?

The course detailed dates and topic time table is below, but here are the highlights:

  • There are 20 virtual online group sessions.
  • Virtual group sessions are typically 1 hour long but may run up to 30 minutes longer.
  • The online group sessions will take place on a Tuesday or Thursday at 7 pm or occasionally on a Saturday at 12 noon.
  • There are 3 studio sessions. These are 11:30 – 3;30pm at Altar Studios South Yorkshire.

If you believe you will struggle to attend the sessions, please do not apply and leave space for others who can. 

What are the participant’s responsibilities?

We will walk through the creation of a track, and you are expoected to build your own track.

Every participant must submit their track for mastering; please review the submission dates below.

Quality is unimportant. It is the effort that matters.

Attend all virtual group and studio sessions.

Webcams must be on throughout the virtual group sessions. If they are off, participants will be removed from the session. Music production is a creative process, and it is impossible to teach it to blank screens.

What Is The Etiquette

Recording of virtual sessions is not permitted. If this happens, then the attendee will be removed from the course.

All course material is copyrighted to Altar Studios.

We ask that everyone be respectful of each other and the stage they are in their production journey.

Participants will all be at different levels, and we expect everyone to be considerate of that and be mindful when at a session, either virtual or in person.

You will be provided with an email contact, so if you are unable to attend a session, please inform us. 

How Do I Apply for the Course?

Just fill in the application form below.

Funded places on the course are limited, so please apply early for a funded place. The qualification criteria for a funded place are: 

  • Based in the UK
  • Aged between 20- 60 years.
  • This project is aimed at helping females and non-binary in the industry, but males are welcome to apply.
  • Available to attend all the sessions. Please read the section with the proposed timetable below. 
  • Have a working knowledge of their DAW and stock plugins. 
  • Have stable internet access.

Course Timetable

Course details

Extra information

There is a bursary of £50 per participant to help with the costs for each studio visit.

Receive a copy of the Award winning Dance Music Manual textbook, to help kick start your production.

The studio is a nut free environment.

Please be aware that we have a small studio dog at Altar Studios.

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