Boutique Services

Professional mixing. Apple certified mastering. Award winning production.

Rise above the rest.

The professional touch, whether production, mixing or mastering makes the difference between a good record and great one. If you want to aim higher and be considered by the top labels, you first need to impress them with a great product. With our experience, knowledge, studios and pedigree, we can help you achieve just that.

Professional Mixing

There’s a good reason we’re trusted by artists such as Nicky Holloway and the Chainsmokers, and mix for some of the largest labels in the world. Monitoring on Adam S5 with quantum converters and a large selection of boutique hardware we can turn your music into a record.

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Apple certified masters

Mastering is an essential step, ensuring music is consistent across different playback systems. As an apple certified mastering plant you can trust your music in our hands.

Amateur mastering engineers focus on achieving the loudest level possible but this heavy-handed approach only degrades the audio quality and removes the dynamics from the music.

We employ a creative mastering approach, adding some loudness but also preserving the dynamics and transients of the music so your listeners can enjoy it on the radio and on streaming services.


Production Work

We have produced, mixed and/or mastered platinum selling records for artists and can offer bespoke production services tailored to your needs, and with payment plans if needed.

Whether its adding that final fairy dust to finalise your music ready for submission to a label or handling your production from start to finish, we can help you realise you vision. We can work on a royalty based or one-off payment agreement.

All our work is subject to a non-disclosure and there are no requirements to credit our work.

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With over 30 years experience of working in studios worldwide, a PhD in music technology, writing the industry recognised book on music production, working as an apple certified mastering engineer, and ghost producing records that have gone platinum this is your opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the field.

You can hold hourly one to one sessions to learn how to perfect any of your techniques or receive feedback on your music, mix or master from an industry professional.