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“Every job is a self portrait of the people who perform it. We always autograph our work with excellence.”

Success speaks volumes

Releasing records and opening the worlds first commercial modern music studio through to writing the worlds leading textbook, holding keynote talks at NAMM and hosting the Audio Engineering Societies first ever Electronic Music Academy, we’re the first choice for many when it comes to anything in modern music.

We’ve been involved in music since 1989 and alongside releasing records, we started the first video tutorial site in 2001, teaching music production skills to thousands of producers.

In 2003, we wrote a production textbook. It went on to win awards and now in its fourth edition it is recommend across the industry, translated into 5 languages and required reading at many universities.

As a ghost production facility we have written and recorded tracks for some of the biggest names in the industry that have sold millions, hit platinum and accrued millions of views on YouTube

We built and started the first ever modern music focused studio. Designed in an 1800’s church, Altar Studios has become the ultimate destination for many professional artists looking to improve their work.

We’re Apple Certified and regularly mix and master for artists signed to Sony, Polydor, Armada, Spinnin’ Records, Hospital Records, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Future Sound of Egypt, Mau5trap, ToolRoom and more

We’ve been invited to talk worldwide on modern music production techniques, including the Audio Engineering Society at both New York and Dublin, and we held a keynote talk on modern music at NAMM 2020

The Owners

Rick Snoman

An award winning Apple-approved mastering engineer with 30 years experience and a Phd in Music Technology, Rick owns Altar Recording Studios. Specialising in modern music, he has written, produced, mixed and mastered for labels including Sony BMG, Polydor, Warner, WEA, Spinnin, XL, Anjuna and Mau5trap. His credits include the Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Nicky Holloway, and his textbook has won awards, critical acclaim, and accolade across the music industry.

Rick is co-chair of Electronic/Modern Music for the Audio Engineering Society, a member of the A.E.S Education Committee, and he presented and curated the Audio Engineering Society’s Electronic Music event in 2021. He regularly talks at colleges, universities and at A.E.S conventions worldwide. He was keynote speaker on modern music at NAMM 2020, and guest D.J for the After Party Tec Awards in Los Angeles 2020.

Alex Bartles

Alex owns Altar Recording Studios. An Apple Certified mastering engineer with credits including Nicky Holloway, she is member of the education and historical committee, alongside co-chair of Electronic/Modern Music for the Audio Engineering Society. She has written lyrics and melodies for tracks signed to Blanco Y Negro (WEA) and 1980 Recordings and presented at A.E.S Dublin 2019 about developing educational standards to ensure accurate and appropriate training for producers.

Alex curated the Audio Engineering Societies first ever electronic music event and also contributed to the internationally published Dance Music Manual 4th edition.

A qualified Audiologist with over 20 years experience, she also specialises as a tinnitus retraining therapist for music professionals, advising on hearing protection and hearing loss.

Altar Studios

The pinnacle of modern music production studios, Altar combines the classic vintage hardware responsible for so many hits over the past 30 years with the latest in mixing and mastering technology. With gear ranging from Manley, SSL, SPL, Tubetech and API through to the classic AKAI samplers, Roland, Casio and Korg Keyboards its become the central hub for many professional producers who know and love the sound of hardware.

Award Winning Textbook

The Dance Music Manual, first published in 2003 by Focal Press, has been translated into 5 languages and the fourth edition shortlisted for book of the year (2019).

Iit is considered by many professionals as the definitive reference text on the subject of electronic music production and has become required reading in many colleges and universities worldwide.

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“The bible of modern music production. If there was a dance music production bible, this would certainly be it.”

“This book is idolised. It’s been recommended on websites throughout the web, and here I am telling you that its the number one book out there when it comes to electronic music production.”

“An exceptionally well written and researched book, combining both art and science of dance music production. All in all it deserves a place on any aspiring dance music producers desk.”

“In short, Rick knows exactly what he’s talking about.”

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