Celebrating 20 years of the best selling, multi-award winning textbook on electronic music production. Available in multiple languages including German and Korean.

Shortlisted Outstanding Book Of The Year 2019

The Dance Music Manual was first published in 2004 by Focal Press and the only book at that time to explore the real world application on the production of electronic dance music. Its aim was to introduce the technology, the core concepts and the techniques involved in professional EDM production, providing a solid grounding to start.

Fast forward 20 years and now in its fourth edition, it is required reading in colleges and universities worldwide and considered by many professionals as the definitive reference text on the subject. It has been translated into five languages, won awards, shortlisted as Outstanding Book of the Year (2019), and comes highly recommend by Mix Magazine, Music Tech Magazine, Toolroom, and Freshly Squeezed Samples.


Dance Music Manual 4th Edition

The fourth edition was released in January 2019. This is the latest, current edition of the book. Due to significant changes in each edition, the resources below will only work with the fourth edition.



Dance Music Manual 3rd Edition

The third edition was released in April 2014 and is now out of print. Due to significant changes in each edition, the resources below will only work with the third edition of the book.


The Bible of Electronic Music Production.

…If there’s a dance music production bible, this would be it.”

Toolroom Records

An exceptionally well-written and researched book

…combining both the art and science of dance music production…All in all, it adds up to quite a package, which deserves a place on any aspiring dance music producers desk..”

Music Tech Magazine

This book is idolized.

…It’s been the response to thousands of questions and problems posed on internet forums, it’s been recommended on various websites around the web, and here I am telling you that it’s the number one book out there when it comes to learning about the art of music production..”

Freshly Squeezed Samples

One of the best books you’ll come across.

In 536 pages, Snoman goes into depth on just about every subject, including different genres. Why take his word for it? Rick Snoman is an established name in the industry, producing several successful dance tracks and remixes for known artists..”

Underground Production