Future Producers Music Course

Build and develop your production skills with this intensive 20-week course.

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What Is It?

This electronic dance music course will empower you with the skills you need to build/develop your music production skills.

It will equip you with skills that integrate technical music production with your creative expression whilst enabling collaboration/networking, career development, and recording studio experience.

Under the guidance of a successful music producer, you will have the unique opportunity to create a music legacy throughout the course. 

The Arts Council England and Altar Studios have funded a number of free places for this course. Please see the details below, as you might qualify for support. 


Future Producers Course Information

When are the sessions?

The course detailed dates and topic time table is below, but here are the highlights:

  • There are 20 virtual online group sessions.
  • Virtual group sessions are typically 1 hour long but may run up to 30 minutes longer.
  • The online group sessions will occur on a Tuesday or Thursday at 7 pm or occasionally on a Saturday at noon.
  • There are three studio sessions. These are 11.30 – 3.30 pm at Altar Studios, based in South Yorkshire.

If you believe you will struggle to attend the sessions, please do not apply and leave space for others who can. 

What are the participant’s responsibilities?

We will walk through the theory and practice behind the creation of a track. You are expected to compose one.

Every participant must submit their track for mastering; please review the submission dates below.

Quality is unimportant. It is the effort that matters.

Attend all virtual group and studio sessions.

Webcams must be active throughout the virtual group sessions. If they are off, participants will be removed from the session. Music production is a creative process, and teaching it to a series of black screens is difficult.

What Is The Etiquette

The course material is a product of Altar Academy’s intellectual efforts and is therefore copyrighted. This ensures the quality and integrity of the content. Recording of sessions is not permitted.

Our participants, with their diverse backgrounds and varying production stages, contribute to the richness of our course. We expect everyone to play their part in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, which is essential for a positive and effective learning experience.

You will be provided with an email contact, so please inform us if you cannot attend a session. However, attendance is crucial for your progress. If you miss 3 sessions, you will be excluded from participation in the studio days, which are integral to the course experience. 

You will be removed from the course if you miss more than five sessions.

How Do I Apply for the Course?

Complete the application form below.

Funded places on the course are limited, so please apply early for a funded place. The cut-off date for applications is 12/06/24

The qualification criteria for a funded place are: 

  • You must be in the UK
  • Aged between 20 and 65 years.
  • This project is primarily aimed at women and non-binary in the industry, but anyone is welcome to apply.
  • Check that you can attend all the sessions; the proposed timetable is below. We understand you may miss the odd session due to unexpected circumstances, but if you are otherwise engaged on the dates (holidays, work, etc) please do not apply.
  • Have a working knowledge of a DAW and stable internet access.

Future Producers Course Timetable

Additional Course Details

There is a bursary of £50 per participant to help with the costs for each studio visit.

As part of your participation, you’ll be gifted with a copy of the highly acclaimed Award-winning Dance Music Manual textbook. This comprehensive guide will be a valuable resource to kick-start your production journey. You can read more about the book here.

The studio is a nut-free environment.

Please be aware that Altar Studios has a small studio dog. She’s very friendly but not skilled at music production and doesn’t speak much.

Future Producers Course

Application deadline 12/06/2024