One to one zoom sessions with an industry professional working with you to improve your skills

Not every type of practice leads to improved ability…

If what you’re practicing is wrong then mechanical repetition and quantity are not going to make you any better.

YouTube content is aimed at the lowest common denominator, with quick (and mostly useless) tips designed to gain likes, not improve your knowledge.

The only way to get better at something is through deliberate practice; activities recommended and guided by experts to develop specific abilities, identifying weaknesses and intentionally pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.¬†Without such feedback, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

Be trained by the best…

…because where you tutor is now is as far as their training can take you.

Take a good look at your mentor. If you’re learning from someone sat in their spare room, that’s where they’ll teach you to be.

Successful studios display platinum records on the wall, not qualification certificates.

Studios and your listening audience want to hear how good you are at producing music, not essays.

We’ve been involved in electronic dance music since 1989, we’ve ghost produced music for international artists that have accrued millions of streams and hit platinum.

Our success in this industry has lead to us owning and running the world leading, purpose designed dance music studios – Altar – built in an 1800’s church.

Our studios are Apple Certified for mastering electronic dance music and we regularly produce, mix and master for some of the biggest labels in electronic music right now.

We’re responsible for writing the world leading textbook on producing Electronic Dance Music that has been translated into 5 languages, won awards, nominated for Book Of The Year 2019, and has become required reading in universities and colleges world-wide.

And we’ve held talks around the world on producing electronic music, including the AES New York and Dublin conventions, and we were keynote on electronic dance music at NAMM 2020.

We can teach you exactly what you need to know to be as successful as we are.