Altar Production Meets

Join our monthly social meets to ask questions, chat about music and meet other producers.

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What Is It?

Once a month we open our virtual doors and hold a friendly meeting over zoom where you have the opportunity to ask Rick and Alex any burning questions you may have relating to anything music, production or gear based. Our meetings typically last about an hour or so and are completely free to attend, all you need is a question and a working webcam.

The meeting is open to everyone but places are limited and therefore you will need to apply below. Applicants are drawn randomly to attend and if chosen you’ll receive an email with the next meeting.

Meeting Information

How Do I Apply To Join A Meeting?

Just fill in the application form below. For obvious reasons we need to limit the number of attendee’s so all applicants are drawn at random. If your name is drawn, you’ll receive an email with the zoom link. Everyone, whether you have previously attended a meeting or not, is free to apply each time.

What Time Are The Meetings?

Meetings are always held at 7pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UK). Please consider this time zone when applying to ensure you can attend. They typically run for about an hour but on some occasions may run for longer or a little less. It all depends on the questions and the attendee’s

What Are The Requirements?

Anyone can attend, no matter your level of experience. We ask that all attendee’s have a working webcam and a question. It is difficult for everyone to talk to a blank screen and therefore anyone attending without a webcam will be removed from the meeting.

What Is The Etiquette

We simply ask that everyone is respectful of one another. You’ll be asked to quickly introduce yourself to everyone at the start of the meeting and we request that you mute when not talking. We will work our way around the attendee’s and this will give you the opportunity to ask your question.

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